photo salon at the studio 2018

tread lightly | APRIL 2018

Fabrice Strippoli & I are hosting our first photography salon of 2018 with a line up of more dates throughout the year.  It’s an afternoon of art, wine & conversation.

This is a private, invite only event – and you are more than welcome to join us!  For all the details, please email me at

Each salon will show a new body of work which we are looking forward to sharing with you.  First in the line up of the year, is a new series of images (by yours truly) titled tread lightly.

When we first meet, I search

for my best view of you

It takes some getting used to

through the web of birch.

Starting fresh each time

always feels like work

to find that common ground

where we can be aligned

Then it settles slightly

A faint laugh in the air

Relax into the conversation

But still, tread lightly.