June salon 2.18

path through space | JUNE 2018

Our second photo salon of the year is coming up in June. Fabrice Strippoli’s work will be on display for this event.

This show gives a glimpse of a larger series that links abstracted surfaces and atmospheric landscapes with darkroom experiments that take you through space and time.

Contact me for an invite!

What was the question again?

What do I see when I look at you.

…Is that where I’m looking?


It all seems so clear to my glass eye,

That you are a part of something larger

And something so much smaller.


My mind travels to a million places

When I gaze into nothing

Developing a path through space.


If you don’t believe my imagination

is real – Is it surreal?

Does it feel? Just imagine.


Does it matter where it’s dark?

If time and space connect blindly.

If I see the same thing as you.


Or what you want me to see.